On December 4, 2015, President Obama signed into law a five-year transportation bill that includes hundreds of millions of dollars per year for bicycle and pedestrian projects!

Earn the Cycling Badge

I earned the Junior Cycling badge and you can, too.

Download the Girl Scout Junior Cycling Badge requirements (pdf).

To earn the Cycling badge, I did these things:

1.) I learned about bike safety equipment like properly working brakes, a white light on the front, and a red reflector on the back. You can also wear bright reflective clothing or put a flag on your bike to make you more visible.

2.) I learned how to use a bike lock to keep my bike safe.

3.) I learned how to repair a flat tire. It was hard.

4.) I learned about bike lanes, sidewalk and road use, and I took several long rides on the Snoqualmie Valley Trail. It's my favorite place to ride. I learned that bicyclists don't have to use bike lanes. They can ride on the sidewalk or the road.

5.) I rode 10 miles on the SVT!

6.) I taught my little sister how to use hand signals and a bike bell to let people know what we're planning to do on our bikes.


  1. Good job! I can't seem to find that cycling badge. They seem to make these cycling badges then, for some reason, they disappear a year or two later. I've decided I should probably make my own cycling badge for my daughter's Girl Scout sash.