On December 4, 2015, President Obama signed into law a five-year transportation bill that includes hundreds of millions of dollars per year for bicycle and pedestrian projects!

Earn the Girl Scouts on Wheels Patch

If you can't find this patch, it's 
okay to use any bike-related fun patch.
Did you know? Bicycles were invented in the 1860s!

Download the Girl Scouts on Wheels patch requirements (pdf). I really like the "parts of a bike" picture made of words.

During this patch project, I learned:
  • There are lots of different kinds of bikes, even handcycling bikes.
  • Everyone should wear a helmet. That's why it's important to get one that fits right and is comfortable.
  • Bikes have to follow all the traffic rules just like cars.
  • I found a walking map of my town that is useful for picking safe biking routes.
  • I located all the places to lock up my bike near the places I'd like to go on my bike.
  • I'm getting more confident on my bike.

Learn more about Girl Scouts on Wheels from the Philly Bicycle Coalition.

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